Thinking of renting a wedding dress for your Big Day?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Choosing a wedding dress and what to look for to look stunning. We have a few tips!

A wedding of a couple is one of the most important and special days in their lives: there is nothing like it: seeing your family and friends all gather to share your joy and the beginning of a new era in your lives! The happiness and the excitement in the air, the emotions that we share and express at our wedding are unmatchable. The most breathtaking moment of every wedding is when the song “Here comes the bride” is turned on and the bride appears wearing her most carefully selected outfit ever!

There is nothing more beautiful in a wedding than the bride herself!

And what makes the bride so beautiful apart from her happy smile? Well, the dress, of course!

If you are getting married soon and are looking for inspirations for the perfect wedding dress, don’t miss these tips! We have compiled a list of things you should definitely look for in your wedding dress.


If you aren’t sure about the kind of style you might like or love for your wedding dress, start with researching about them. This will give you a definite idea of what kind of dress to go for. When you get to your boutique or dress shop, this research will save you a tin of time and effort.

Keep An Open Mind:

Many a time an idea may look great in pictures, but when the time comes actually to wear it, it might not look great. So, keep an open mind when it comes to actually trying on the dress. Every dress has a unique story to tell. Hear that out before rejecting it.

Shop to your Size:

Every bride is looking to lose an inch or two, but not all can achieve it. So, always be logical when it comes to sizing the dress. Get the size you are currently on rather than getting the one you might be after the diet. It’s easier to alter a loose dress than a tight one.

Early Bird Catches The Worm:

Be the early bird and order your gown way ahead of time. All wedding gowns take time to make, and even then that there are things like accessories and alteration. The sooner you get your dress, the better it will be for everyone.


A dress should always match the theme because the theme takes more than to come together than the dress. This is why preparing ahead of time matters in planning a wedding.


Having an idea of your budget will save you unnecessary heartbreak. You will know which dresses to go for and which ones to stay clear off. Budgeting also helps you narrow down your choices.

Weddings are stressful: don’t make them more so by choosing the wrong dress. Just follow our lead an rent your dream wedding dress easily at Queendom.

We can fit any budget, any figure, any taste.

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