Rental Fashion and its Future

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Fast fashion has made things very difficult for some: disposable fashion is when you get to buy cheap and inexpensive clothing and wear it a couple of times before disposing of it. This has created many issues such as an increase in pollution, landfills and many other hazards to the environment. Fashion changes every second: you need to update your wardrobe in average every 3 months!

We often buy dresses for a special occasion and then they're just hanging there - in your wardrobe for years, reminding you about the 'money spent unwisely'!

Love that designer dress, but don't want to pay the sky high designer price tag?

There is a very simple solution to all of the above!

Rent an outfit! It's that easy!

You can rent a wedding dress, rent an evening dress and even a cocktail dress!

This is a simple way out of this fashionable mess. Many brands have been thinking along the line of this great idea. Could this really be the future of fashion?

Hennes & Mauritz AB have been giving this a serious thought, but Express Inc. has already started on the idea of cloth renting. Women spend more than anything on clothing, they even spend money kept aside for their vacations for a new piece of garment that some influencer wore. This means that it’s a good time to introduce renting. This can solve a lot of looming issues in the fashion industry.

Economically renting the clothes out is way better! For your pocket, for the planet and for that constant feeling of guilt for the money that you could've spent on experiences!

Next Please!

The age of fast fashion doesn’t let the new generation wear anything more than twice. This is creating a massive demand for new styles and trends. “Wardrobing” can be pretty expensive - to keep your styles updated renting is a great option. And it's sustanable too!

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