Spring Summer 2019: What’s Hot on the Fashion Radar?

Spring Summer 2019 has welcomed a plethora of refreshing new fashion trends that allow women to shed away the monotony of bygone trends and embrace some energetic new styles.

Here, take a look at what SS’19 has in store for you:

Gypsy Minimalism

Ladies, get ready to embrace a voguish new Neo Bohemian trend that allows you to escape the ordinary with sleek silks, minimalist silhouettes, languid cuts and most importantly, a sensual color palette of sun-soaked and earthly colors that will remind you of a glorious sunset in the dessert.

Carpet-inspired florals, minimalist tile prints, beautifully crafted crochet ensembles, souvenirs from India, and amulet jewellery has taken the fashion radar by the storm. We strongly urge y’all to invest in artistic knitwear, loud fringes, crocheted ensembles, shoulder sacks, sunset colours and neutral earthly shades.

Colourful Power Suits

Power suits have been trending hot on the runways for over three years now, but this season, they have gone an excitingly overpowering revamping that is intensely feminine and funky. Ladies, now you get to flaunt this classic workwear staple with bold and bright colours, such as coral, reds, pinks, neon, green, blue and so much more. These sharply tailored power suits have been infused with a mighty dose of energy, while you can also experiment with denim and subtle colours.

Feathers are the New Fur

Fur has been a timeless trend on the fashion radar for decades and decades, but in 2019, its reign comes to an end. This is primarily because of the raging popularity of feathers, which have splendidly replaced fur in every arena, be it haute couture, cocktail dresses, contemporary casuals, or even basic streetwear. From ostrich feathers to the exquisite peacock feathers, artful feather accessories, gowns and cocktail numbers are all the rage this season!

Micro Pleats are Back!

Tight pleats were parade on the runways in great abundance last year, and it appears that they have returned to the ramp in a much more exquisite and tightened appeal. Ladies, the micro pleat is now tighter than ever, allowing it to provide a powerful impact in terms of fluidity, allowing your curves to take centre-stage as your dress sensually expands and contracts with every movement.

Athleisure & Blazers

An insanely sassy new trend on the streets, designers have flooded women with the idea of flaunting athleisure with sharply tailored blazers. The idea is to flaunt your sportswear shorts with sharply tailored blazers in loud patterns and colours, such as plaid, gingham, and even sandy-hued shades of tan.


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