Why renting dresses is a better thing than buying?

The Irish fashion industry is slowly rising to become a solid entity. It is staring to make a difference by empowering women, working for local creativity as well as encouraging eco-friendly practices. Being Eco-friendly means that you care more about the environment than an average person does. The fashion industry is accountable for a lot of discarded material as well as garments that are hardly worn and dumped. It’s important that they take responsibility and spread awareness as well.

Renting is one option to help the environment. It has many other advantages as well, like you get a ton of variety as well as keep a budget. There are countless reasons why renting is so much better than buying. Here’s all you need to know about renting.

What occasions should you go for renting than buying:


A wedding dress hardly ever sees daylight twice in its lifetime. Which is why people should rent rather than buy. There are hundreds of expenses when it comes to a wedding. There is food, venue, guests, etc. On top of that, there is the wedding dress itself. With social media so active and creating wedding hypes, everyone wants a designer wedding dress. However, wedding dresses don't come cheap, which is why renting is the best option. Admit the fact that you are never going to wear the dress again, even if you want to, where will you? There are hardly any occasions to wear the wedding dress again. There is always an option of alteration, but seriously would you have the heart to cut the most expensive dress?

Renting is a life and budget saving strategy. You can wear any dress you want, in your budget and look great on your big day. Browse through Irish wedding dresses industry, check out the designs you like and inquire if you can rent it.


Fashion comes and goes; it never stays put for long. A prom dress will look great this year, but next year it will be outdated. Why should you buy an expensive dress, when it will be out of fashion in a couple of months? Isn't renting better? You don’t have to get it dry cleaned. Just wear it on your big night, impress your date, come back home, pack and send away. That’s how it should be done. No hassle of washing or ironing.

Red Carpet or Special Events

Movie premiers or Red-carpet events are prestigious. All the media is there; you can’t be seen in an old gown on a red-carpet event, can you? Being a rising star, you will have many red carpets, the pile of clothes will keep getting bigger and bigger. Who needs that, rent designer wear, show it off and give it back? It is not always about the money; you help save the environment as well, by renting clothes.

Advantages you reap by Renting

  • Saves Time

It saves time as well as effort, you don't always have to stand in front of your closet, thinking about what to wear. Instead, you can plan ahead and rent before you have a special occasion. Saves both your time and effort. Also, you won’t need to make trips to the dry cleaners. Renting companies take care of all this for you. You get fresh pieces every time you rent. Renting practice leaves you with extra time on your hand to worry about your family or career.

  • Experience Minimalism

The act of simplicity is living with less clutter. When you leave all the unnecessary clutter behind, life becomes easy to handle. If you are new to the idea and are willing to give it a try, start by renting. The idea, on the whole, is a bit scary, it’s hard to give up everything. Start by either renting out your clothes or by renting clothes for yourself. Keep your closet mess free and organise by having essentials only and renting the rest.

  • Fast Fashion and Going Green

When people dress up on a budget, they tend to buy disposable clothing. These garments are hardly worn a couple of times and thrown out. This does nothing good for the environment. When you go for frequent on budget things, with your realising you burn a hole in your pocket. They will wear off sooner than you expect, you will have to get a new pair sooner than you think. Renting helps you stay in fashion all around the year, without messing up the environment or your budget.

Major online companies like Alibaba and Amazon are now looking into the new prospect of renting. Soon people will have an empty closet, but huge variety with the help of renting. According to the Irish fashion industry, the future will be all about renting clothes, not only for special occasions but daily wear as well.


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